Nasalik said that private Ukrainian business is importing steam coal from Russia for $78 — 82 per ton

Some private Ukrainian companies buy energy coal in the Russian Federation for the price in the range of $78-82 per ton, said the Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik in the program «Persha spalte» on the channel «NTU».

According to him, these supplies can be stopped at any time «the decision of one person».

«Russian coal – I wouldn’t say it’s cheap but some of the private entities he purchased to date. The calculation that we spend, approximate – because we can’t say for sure, as is a private company. It is in the range of $78-80-82 per ton,» said Nasalik.

He said that the coal from South Africa costs Ukraine $97 per ton, and coal from the United States – about $111-113. «But don’t look for cheap fish», – said the head of Ministry.

According to him, the situation with the supply of coal from Russia is similar to the one that was with the supply of coal from the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. «At any time by the decision of one person, these supplies can be stopped,» added Nasalik.

23 Jun Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman said that neither the Ukrainian state company does not buy coal in Russia.

In February the Cabinet of Ministers introduced emergency measures in the energy system of Ukraine, which is aimed at reducing the consumption of anthracite coal group.

The shortage of coal in thermal power plants arose in connection with the beginning of the commercial blockade of the occupied areas of Eastern Ukraine, the ATO veterans of volunteer units that require the release of the hostages. The blockade also applies to shipments of anthracite from the territories controlled by Pro-Russian terrorists.

The national security Council and defense of Ukraine instructed the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to take urgent exhaustive measures to neutralize threats to energy security of Ukraine. Among the measures – diversification of sources of supply of coal brands anthracite and the creation of reserves. Also the Cabinet was instructed to provide temporary, until the complete overcoming of the crisis phenomena in the energy sector, the cessation of exports from Ukraine anthracite.

Emergency measures in the energy sector several times renewed the government’s decision, last time June 14.

Ukraine has saved 2.7 million tons of anthracite coal grades for the duration of emergency measures in the energy sector, from 17 February to 17 July 2017, said Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion 3 Aug.

Nasalik said that private Ukrainian business is importing steam coal from Russia for $78 — 82 per ton 07.08.2017

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