NASA scientists found evidence that on Mars in the past there was the lake

The specialists of the us National aerospace Agency (NASA) found evidence that in ancient times on the surface of Mars there was the lake. Confirmation of this hypothesis were, in particular, data collected by the Mars Curiosity Rover, says the study, published in the journal Science., reports

It is noted that the existence of the lakes meant more humid climate on the planet in General, and this, in turn, implies greater suitability of Mars for the origin and maintenance of life. However, theoretical studies suggest that the climate of ancient Mars was wet enough to ensure the existence of large lakes, even in the negative forms of relief such as impact craters.

Explored Curiosity mount sharp in Gale crater and found that it is formed from sedimentary rocks, and the structure of geological strata indicative of repeated filling and evaporation of water that filled the crater.
Scientists came to the conclusion that the lakes on Mars existed from 100 to 10 thousand years. With Curiosity data suggest that sedimentary rocks were formed about 10 thousand years to 10 million years and even more. Thus, some lakes can appear and disappear, but they, apparently, had a common system of groundwater.

For a long time the groundwater level was to rise by at least tens of meters, as evidenced by the data obtained by Curiosity.

Perhaps the lake has existed for long enough for life time, according to TASS.

As noted by one of the leaders of the Curiosity project scientist, California Institute of technology John Grotzinger, evidence suggests that the crater was the deposition of sedimentary rocks for thousands of years, which confirms the existence of long lakes. The source of water may be rain or melting ice. «If you find evidence of the existence of lakes, this may be an argument in favor of life,» stated Grotzinger.

Recall that in late September, NASA scientists announced that Mars had found emerging seasonal flows of salty liquid water. These formations manifest themselves in the warm seasons and fade in cold weather. The discovery of Martian «rivers» was submitted to NASA on a specially organized press conference.

NASA scientists found evidence that on Mars in the past there was the lake 10.10.2015

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