NASA released a panoramic video of Mars, immersive

The American space Agency (NASA) has released a panoramic video of Mars, which gives the viewer a sense of presence. It is woven of photos taken on the red planet by the Mars Curiosity Rover and posted on the official page of the device in Facebook.

Agency staff suggest that you use your smartphone to view the video, however, this can be done by computer in Firefox and Chrome.

Over the weekend the video has gained nearly half a million views only in Facebook, you will want to leave rave reviews. So, one commentator said: «I just saw another planet! I saw something that would never have been able to see with your own eyes! I just saw the ground and sky of Mars. What an incredible time we live in!».

«Mars in my room, it’s just impossible!» — echoing the other. — «If someone 10 years ago I said I was going to watch a 360-degree panorama of Mars from your phone… Yes it was impossible, that is pure joy».

Previously, NASA experts have created a virtual simulation, with which all visitors can learn about the work of Curiosity and feel like the operators of the Rover.

The simulator allows you to use a separate laboratory tools and look at the surface of Mars as with the hand, and using cameras mounted on the Rover.

Curiosity landed on Mars in August 2012. During his stay on the red planet the Rover has found the necessary chemical elements and the conditions for the emergence of bacterial life.

NASA released a panoramic video of Mars, immersive 01.02.2016

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