NASA recorded a powerful explosion on the Sun

The American space Agency has published a video of a powerful explosion on the Sun on 13 October this year. On record it is visible as fading away and formed a giant flare.

Prominences — a dense condensation of matter, which are raised and held above the surface of the Sun due to the magnetic field.

The highest prominence in the entire history of observations was recorded in June 1946 and was 1.7 million km. the current Dimensions were not disclosed, but we know that the whole process took more than 10 hours, but was able to stay within 11 seconds of the video.

As reported on the website NASA, the images were obtained by a combination of extreme ultraviolet waves in two lengths. They are invisible to the human eye, but they are often painted in a bronze and red color.

We will note, in 2013, the Sun was a powerful flash. She has recorded special devices that see our light in a very narrow portion of the spectrum, where hydrogen emits.

NASA recorded a powerful explosion on the Sun 19.10.2015

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