NASA presented its latest development — commobile

MRV, or modular robotic car – the latest development of the American space Agency, created to travel astronauts in the conditions of other planets.

According to the site Autoblog, with a weight of 900 kg Modular Robotic Vehicle has a maximum speed of 64 km/h and its battery has a capacity of 100 kilometers speed per charge.

The vehicle wheels are equipped with motors and a special mechanism that allows each wheel to turn independently from each other by 180 degrees, which opens up new possibilities for maneuvering.

These wheels would be very useful in tight city streets, so the NASA does not exclude that in the future they will appear on the earth the machines.

For the first time in the history of the Ukrainian will be able to get free education in NASA. Singularity University in Kiev, launches the competition of innovative projects Global Impact Challenge, the winner will receive a scholarship to participate in the summer program Global Solutions Program on the campus of NASA Ames Research Center.

NASA presented its latest development — commobile 06.02.2017

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