NASA artificial intelligence have discovered a new exoplanet

National Aeronautics and space research (NASA) discovered a new exoplanet using artificial intelligence developed by Google. On 14 December, said the press service of NASA.

Neural network, analyzing data from the Kepler space telescope revealed the eighth planet orbiting the star Kepler-90. The system is in the constellation Draco at a distance of 2,545 light-years from Earth.

«This miniverse our Solar system. A handful of small planets closer to the center, large on the outside, but spun all the much denser» – said «Russian service Bi-bi-si» Andrew Vanderburgh, a researcher from the University of Texas and co-author of the discovery.

The new planet was named Kepler-90i. It makes a complete revolution around its sun for 14 and a half days. Because of the proximity to the star, the temperature on its surface rises to 425° .

The Kepler telescope launched into space in 2009. Thanks to its data, scientists were able to prove the existence of more than 1 thousand exoplanets.

NASA artificial intelligence have discovered a new exoplanet 16.12.2017

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