NASA accidentally sold the first bag to walk on the moon

In 2015, the NASA auction was sold a bag that astronauts «Apollo-11» was used to collect samples from the moon. Now the Agency is trying to bring back a subject that has historical value but the current owner has no plans to give it, writes «New time».

Bag that accompanied American astronauts during the historic landing a man on the moon 47 years ago, was sold by mistake. The Agency planned to auction similar to the bag used during the mission «Apollo 17», but both items were the same inventory number. In the end the sale got the wrong bag.

The artifact was acquired by the resident of the state of Illinois by the name of Nancy Carlson for $ 995. Because it is and the error is discovered. Carlson sent the bag for authentication. Realizing his mistake, the specialists of the space Agency decided not to return Carlson subject which they called «a national treasure». Now NASA is seeking court permission not to give a strand, Carlson refunding the cost of purchase.

However, a resident of Illinois with a bag to break up not going to because it bought it legally at a public auction. Now she prepares her own lawsuit, if you are going to obtain from NASA the return of their property.

It is noteworthy that the American Agency is not the first time losing this bag. In 2003, the year NASA discovered it in the garage max Erie, Director of the center the Kansas cosmosphere and space. It turned out that she stole and sold the artifacts on the time given to him by NASA for demonstration at the Museum.

We will remind, quite recently in the United States for the first time allowed private mission to the moon.

NASA accidentally sold the first bag to walk on the moon 09.08.2016

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