Named 12 winners for the vacancies of the anti-corruption prosecutors

The first competition for the rank and file of the anti-corruption prosecutors. About this on his page in Facebook informs the member of the competition Commission Darya kalenyuk.

It is noted that for 12 out of 30 filled vacancies for these positions.

Kalenyuk announced the names of winners who have passed the competition: Gavrilyuk, Guidance, Grechishkin, Savnicka, Kassian, Kravets, Olefir, Perov, Posvistak, Skibenko, Shkrum, Derby.

According to kaleniuk, the legislation requires that the candidate should have 5 years of work experience in the Prosecutor’s office. Thus, all of the winners are former prosecutors.

Among the winners was a relative of the MP from the «Batkivshchyna» Alyona Shkrum. According to her, is the nephew of his father, but she doesn’t remember him very well.

According to kaleniuk, the contest went 318 candidates, transfers «Ukrainian truth».

The results of testing on knowledge of legislation and common abilities to the interviews were admitted 66 candidates from which the Commission selected 12 winners.

Among recommended by the Commission of future prosecutors — one woman, said the expert.

«All whom the Commission recommends that Hrodnicau — prosecutors, as a condition to have 5 years of prosecutorial experience in the law. And this was a big problem — leaned very few strong candidates. Now you need to spend an additional competition to recruit the necessary number of judicial leaders,» commented the results of the competition kalenyuk.

«But the second stage of the competition would make sense only in case of cancellation of this norm in the law. It can go strong lawyers or lawyers from the Prosecutor’s office, and decent pay, enshrined in law, will be for them a good motivation,» she added.

Previously Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine Artem Sytnik expressed hope for progress in the investigation of resonant Affairs detectives Bureau in January 2016.

Named 12 winners for the vacancies of the anti-corruption prosecutors 06.02.2016

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