Nalyvaychenko made in a court investigation into offshore Kononenko

Pechersk district court of Kyiv ordered the Prosecutor General to register the request of the former Chairman of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko on may 16, 2016, about the possible involvement of Igor Kononenko to money laundering through offshore companies. This Nalyvaychenko said in his Facebook.

«Despite the inaction and procrastination of the Ukrainian Themis, the team managed to achieve a court decision, which ordered the Prosecutor General to launch an investigation into the involvement of senior representatives of the government to business activities, including their use for this offshore. Almost a year GPU has avoided legal action to verify given facts, without the data in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations. Now, according to the court decision, which we bring to your attention, the Prosecutor’s office is obliged to register my application and make ERDR information about the criminal offense,» wrote Nalyvaychenko.

The statement of the former head of the SBU is connected with the activity of the offshore company Intraco Management Ltd from the British virgin Islands and related Cypriot companies Kitromi Limited i Limited Vincenz.

Earlier, the media published information that Intraco paid vacation and training abroad of the daughter of the people’s Deputy from BPP Igor Kononenko and flight charters of Petro Poroshenko, when he became President. In addition, there is evidence that the firm used to buy fuel in the fall of 2014 in a subsidiary of the Russian «Gazprom».

Later, the owner of the offshore company Intraco, Deputy General Director of Roshen Sergei Zaitsev claimed that his company never provided services to the President Petro Poroshenko.

That company belongs to Zaitsev, became aware of the second wave the publication of the «Panama» documents. The hares then gave comment in which he denied the trade with Gazprom.

Nalyvaychenko made in a court investigation into offshore Kononenko 23.06.2016

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