«Naftogazvydobuvannya» the beginning of drilling of new wells at the Semyrenkivske field

PJSC «Naftogazvydobuvannya», included in «DTEK Naftogaz», the beginning of drilling of new well # 34 at the Semyrenkivske gas condensate field, the press service of the company.

«The well is directional, its depth is 5628 meters… Work on drilling, exploration and test wells are planned over a relatively short period — a total of 160 days», — stated in the message.

Drilling is carried out by machine equipped with a top drive system (Top Drive), drill pump capacity of 1,300 horsepower and a 4-stage cleaning system. According to the company, when performing work will be applied pitless method, which implies a complete rejection of the placement of any waste at the place of work.

«DTEK Naftogaz» — the operating company responsible for the oil and gas direction in the structure of the energy holding DTEK. In a portfolio of assets «DTEK Naftogaz» includes «Naftogazvydobuvannya» and «Neftegazrazrabotka» leading the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in three license areas in the Poltava and Kharkiv regions.

DTEK was established in 2005 to manage the energy assets of the group «System capital management» (SCM) Rinat Akhmetov.

While he started with 25% in the ownership structure of giant (now he is there, according to the latest data, 60% of the shares).

In the early 2000-ies the company also owned Petro Poroshenko.

In 2015 the people’s Deputy Nestor Shufrich accused Poroshenko of «brazen» attempts to return his share of «Naftogazvydobuvannya».

In 2012-2013 for «Naftogazvydobuvannya» fought and environment of Yanukovych.

Open data, «Naftogazvydobuvannya» was founded in 1999 by Nikolay Rudkovsky in partnership with Poroshenko. Over time 50% stake Poroshenko in the project moved Shufrich.

«Naftogazvydobuvannya» is a leader in the group of non-state companies, she develops plots on two fields in Poltava region — the Semyrenkivske and Machukhske. Proven natural gas reserves there amount to 20 billion cubic meters.

«Naftogazvydobuvannya» the beginning of drilling of new wells at the Semyrenkivske field 18.01.2017

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