«Naftogaz of Ukraine» supported provedeniia trilateral gas meeting in Brussels

«Naftogaz of Ukraine» we welcome the efforts of the Vice-President of the European Commission maroš Šefčovič in communicating the position of Ukrainian companies to the Russian colleagues, and supported the proposal to organize a trilateral meeting in Brussels.

«We support the proposal of Mr. maroš Šefčovič to hold a trilateral meeting in Brussels at a convenient time», – said the Agency «Interfax-Ukraine» in a press-service NAK message from Moscow about the possibility of such meetings on the basis of past there on Friday negotiations maroš Šefčovič and Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak.

«In the matter of import of gas for the Ukrainian market, we are guided by two criteria: price and reliability. The inflexibility of Russian colleagues on these criteria has led to the fact that their proposal is not competitive in the course of the year. If Gazprom is seeking to return to the circle of our suppliers, we are ready to discuss acceptable conditions for this», – noted in «Naftogaz».

In the Ukrainian company said that it is the largest transit country of Russian gas to European consumers.

«We provide a higher quality of this work, despite repeated violations of the contract with «Gazprom». Ukraine is committed to full integration with the gas market of the EU, so the uninterrupted transit is our priority», – noted in press service.

Novak said that the negotiations between Russia, EU and Ukraine on gas will likely be in December.

«The meeting will most likely be in December,» he said.

«I wouldn’t call it the tripartite negotiations. This is a meeting with the Ukrainian side and maroš Šefčovič» — he misspoke.

Earlier in the day, Sefcovic said that the trilateral talks could take place in the coming days in Brussels.

«Following negotiations, I would propose to organize in Brussels in the coming days together with the Ukrainian partners,» he said, noting that the date will be determined based on the schedules of the negotiators.

In turn, Novak argued the need for a meeting was fear low in his opinion, the gas reserves in Ukrainian underground storage facilities and the early beginning of the heating season. According to him, the talks with maroš Šefčovič was discussed the possibility of selling to Naftogaz of 1.5-4 billion cubic meters of gas.

«Naftogaz of Ukraine» supported provedeniia trilateral gas meeting in Brussels 25.11.2016

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