NACP plans harder to penalize the party

The national Agency for the prevention of corruption plans to develop a bill to raise fines on political parties for violation of the order and timing of reporting. This was reported in the Facebook Chairman of the NACP Natalia Korchak.

«There is an initiative to fines on political parties: in our opinion, it is advisable to amend article 212-21 in terms of increasing the size of penalties for violation of the political parties of the established order and timing of reporting. And 212-15 Art to expand and complement the offences associated with the financing of parties and election campaign», — she wrote.

«Given the fact that we have partnered with IFES working on the introduction of electronic reporting system for Ukrainian political parties, there is a need in the relevant draft law of Ukraine on amendments to the Law of Ukraine «On political parties in Ukraine», — said the head of the NACP.

According to Korczak, just this year the Agency will propose the Verkhovna Rada of the draft law of anti-corruption directions. Also standard-setting work will involve carrying out by the National Agency anti-corruption expertise of draft laws submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine law of Ukraine and the role of commissioners of divisions (persons) concerning prevention and detection of corruption.

As reported, for example, its financial report NACP has not provided the Communist party of Ukraine, which, it appears, is still not prohibited.

Earlier, the Ministry of justice has several times refused to register the Procedure of verification of the electronic Declaration, developed by the anti-corruption Agency, finding in it many shortcomings. In the end, the Cabinet established a working group, which instead of the NACP will develop a project of this magnitude.

NACP plans harder to penalize the party 30.01.2017

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