NACP is waiting for earnings reports from Communist party of Ukraine. It turns out that the party is «not prohibited»

The national Agency for prevention of corruption state that since the Communist party of Ukraine is still officially «not prohibited», it should report about their property and finances. About it reported in Department for the prevention of political corruption NACP reports «Лига.net».

The National Agency explained that the decision of the District administrative court of Kyiv on 16 Dec 2015 on prohibition of the Communist party has not yet entered into force as it was appealed by a party to the appeal.

Thus, the state in NACP, the Communist party, as before, operates as a political party and, therefore, it is covered by the requirement to provide quarterly reports on the assets, income, expenses and obligations of financial nature.

The complaint of the Communist party on its prohibition, submitted on 28 December 2015, still considers the Kyiv administrative court of appeal.

Also the official website of the Communist party. According to the published information, the party continues its activities, and its permanent leader Petro Symonenko participated in international meetings of representatives of the left political forces. For example, on 23 January 2017, he spoke at the European Communist meeting in Brussels.

Proof of stay Symonenko in Europe gave people’s Deputy Leonid Yemets (people’s front), who is now at the PACE session in Strasbourg. He photographed and published in Facebook the leader of Ukrainian Communists sitting in the morning Assembly.

Before that, in a broadcast on Ukrainian television there appeared a journalistic investigation on the activities of the Communist party of Ukraine in the conventional «underground.» It turns out that this force is accepting new members and rents space in the center of Kiev.

Restrictions will only affect part of the Communist party in elections at all levels, to make its representatives in public office and the possibility of speech in the media.

Also, the court accused the Russian separatism, the head of the Communists of Kharkov Alla Alexander.

NACP is waiting for earnings reports from Communist party of Ukraine. It turns out that the party is «not prohibited» 25.01.2017

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