NACP found irregularities in reports of 12 parties

The national Agency for prevention of corruption adopted the conclusions on the reports of 254 political parties for the 3rd quarter. About this Facebook said the head of the national Agency on corruption predetermine (NACP) Natalia Korchak.

She said that 12 findings have been published on the website of NACP, and the rest are being prepared for publication.

In the reports of the 12 parties of the violations of a criminal nature. The list of parties is not given. We are talking about the provision of knowingly false information in party reporting. Such violations may be punished by a fine, correctional labour or imprisonment.

Korczak said that most of the violations of administrative nature.

We are talking of inequalities of the financial records of the local party. As an example we can take the party «For Ukraine!», «The reform movement», «Unity» — the local organisations in their statements mentioned, but reports on these organizations are missing completely. The party «5.10» — 48 local branches and only 28 reports, of the 20 party cells «homeland» financial documents provided only 2. Became the leader of the Ukrainian people’s party, which has 422 local organizations and only 22 completed the report.

Also recorded the fact of receipt of membership fees in support of parties from individuals cash.

Recall, the National Agency for prevention of corruption was distributed to 442 million hryvnia for financing statutory activities of the parties in 2017.

In 2016, the amount of funding was $ 391 million. In particular, the money is not allocated to the Opposition bloc, who refused funding.

The right to public funding have a party which at the last elections to the Verkhovna Rada (2014) gained more than 5% of the vote.

NACP found irregularities in reports of 12 parties 18.01.2017

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