NACP approved plan for the development of a registry of e-declarations

The national Agency for prevention of corruption has approved the draft approval measures to ensure the proper functioning of the Unified state register of declarations. About it reports a press-service of National Agency on corruption prevention (NACP).

«This document provides for the implementation of certain tasks that will ensure the operation of the Registry of electronic declarations in 2017. In particular, development of measures on modernization of software and hardware base of its «Register of declarations», the organization of the direct access National Agency to other state registers and information databases, and connection to special information and telecommunication system of the National system of confidential communication (SITS NACC)», — stated in the message.

According to the Chairman of NACP Natalia Korchak, today Ukraine is an unprecedented open country, in terms of access to information on the property of officials and members of their families. The plan of measures to ensure the registry e-statements give you the opportunity to conduct a technical re-equipment of the hardware platform registry during the second phase of electronic Declaration in Ukraine.

Korczak also noted that one of the main tasks of this plan is establishing direct, automated access to public registers and databases of certain ministries and services. In particular, we are talking about the State register of acts of civil status, the Unified register of powers of attorney, Probate registry of information about persons who receive social benefits, information from the Integrated information retrieval system of bodies of internal Affairs of Ukraine, information from the module «Tax block» integrated automated information system Gospitalniy service of Ukraine.

This decision also provides for the purchase of the necessary equipment to deploy the system of electronic Declaration, because the Registry consists of two online service: (to represent the subjects of declaring, authorized to perform state functions or local self-government, declarations and reports about material changes in the property status in the system of e-Declaration) and (to provide open online access for all users to use the advanced search on open data, which are contained in declarations and reports of substantial changes in property status and download in html and pdf formats).

In NACP reminded that its «Unified state register of declarations of persons authorized to perform state functions or local self-government» was adopted in the permanent (industrial) operation 00. 00 m. 1 September 2016.

The hardware registry contains on the technological platform of state enterprise «Ukrainian special systems». The system administrator is the state enterprise «Ukrainian special systems», which provides software maintenance, preservation and data security system of e-Declaration, is responsible for its proper functioning, providing access to the system, prompt elimination of technological emergency situations during operation of the system, and the like.

Solution NACP from 10 June 2016 № 2 «About the beginning of the presentation system and the publication of declarations of persons authorized to perform state functions or local self-government» is defined two phases beginning of work of system for the submission and publication of returns.

The first stage began with 00 hours 00 minutes 1 September 2016 for of officials holding a responsible position, and ended after 60 days.

The second phase started from 00: 00 January 1, 2017 for all other entities Declaration and declarations (messages) provided by the law of Ukraine «On corruption prevention».

NACP approved plan for the development of a registry of e-declarations 20.01.2017

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