Nachalova suffering from acute gout

Russian singer Julia Nachalova struggling with exacerbation of gout. On this edition Starhit said a friend of Nachalovo.

According to the source, the disease, the singer was diagnosed over five years ago. During exacerbations of the joints in her arms and legs increase several times, in connection with which the singer tries to choose closed clothes.

As explained by the publication of doctor Natalia Sokolova, gout appears in the background of the problems with the kidneys when they do not work and display an insufficient amount of uric acid.

31 Jan Nachalova celebrated the 36th anniversary.

She has a daughter Vera, born on 1 December 2006 from the player Yevgeny Aldonin, which broke up in 2011.

Nachalova suffering from acute gout 12.07.2017

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