My function is: Dekanoidze told about the achievements of NHRIs under her leadership, and thanked the Ukrainians

The chief of the National police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze, who has filed a resignation, told about the achievements of law enforcement officers, admitted that he completely failed to root out corruption in the authorities and expressed confidence that during the year of employment in this position she was able to create a police «with a human face».

She announced this on his page in Facebook on Monday, November 14.

«A year ago at the request of the leadership of the country, I was appointed head of the National police of Ukraine. It was a difficult challenge and a difficult task. Me and our team had virtually zero to create a new state body to convert the police into the National police and restore the confidence of the society to the structure, which for many years discredited in the eyes of the citizens. For the first time in the history of Ukraine by the head of law enforcement body was not just civil, but also politically independent people», — said Dekanoidze.

She stressed that «despite the difficult economic situation, the war, the uncontrolled movement of weapons, corruption, unreformed courts and Prosecutor’s office, we managed not only to stabilize and keep the situation under control, but to start a real change in the system.»

«We haven’t worked on the audience, a lot of made us go unnoticed. Today I would like to draw attention to the fact that we managed to do and it requires further development and serious political support:

• Less than a year we developed and implemented a completely new structure of the National police of Ukraine, which became the basis for the creation of a new state of the Institute;

• For the first time in the history of law enforcement, we conducted a total re-qualification of employees. This process was much criticized, he was not perfect, but now and then I am convinced that another way to clean up the system we had. In fact, certification was the first step to the public and open evaluation of the activities of state bodies;

• We created an independent recruitment centre through which today is not only set in the patrol police, but on all the other posts of the National police of Ukraine;

• We completed the formation of a patrol force which now works in 32 (thirty two) cities in the country showing a new standard of relations between the state and the individual;

• Under my personal guidance was created neangazhirovannye, effective structure of internal security the National police, which only last year opened more than 1,000 cases against corruption in the police force, including in relation to senior officials;

• The National police appeared office for the protection of human rights and implemented the control system on observance of the rights of detainees in temporary detention facilities;

• We have developed and implemented a system of transparent, open competitive selection of investigators, district police officers and operational staff from among ordinary citizens, as well as training current investigators and district police officers according to international standards. And on December 1 launched a pilot project investigators in Kiev region – the functional Association of investigators and operative workers.

Dekanoidze said that Netpolice did it just over a year: «It’s not everything, but basic».

«But the biggest achievement, I believe that I managed to prove: the police must be fair, honest, open and with a human face!», she said.

Dekanoidze also noted that neither the chief of the regional Department, no head of the offices or departments, no COP in the country «can’t say that I gave the criminal orders or blanket crime».

«Yes, we had problems, conflicts, and still has flaws. But we have never turned away from a challenge, didn’t follow the principle of collective responsibility and ignored the complaints that I heard. And I am proud that public confidence in the National police force grew, and the police are ready to work on new principles,» she said.

In addition, Dekanoidze told that the national police failed to do:

«To my great regret, we were not able to avoid losses and tragedies. I offer my deepest condolences to the families and friends of all the victims.

I’ll be honest and say that we also failed to eradicate corruption in our bodies. Personally, I have corruption on any level is disgusting, and I did everything to the same feelings experienced by all who worked with me. But to clean up corruption and abuse of power the largest law enforcement Agency in the country is a much more complex task that requires not one year of hard work and political will. We have laid the Foundation, and I very much hope that this conversion will not stop.

I would also like to focus on three important components, without which I see no possibility of creation and development of truly independent and effective National police.

The first is the necessary and sufficient funding. We can endlessly reform the system, to apply modern practices to fire old and hire new employees. But! Naked and barefoot, without paper and gasoline, without modern technology and proper social security, the police will not be able to work effectively.

The second is the reform of prosecution bodies and courts, without which I see no possibilities to substantially change the entire law enforcement system in the country. The existing order of things sooner or later will lead and is already leading to value conflicts between those who want change and those who are stuck in the past.

And last but not less important. It still preserved the traditions of interference in the work of the police politicians. I couldn’t stand dirty linen in public, I state. But it is my duty to appeal to the politicians and officials at all levels – from people’s deputies to the highest offices with the request and even demand to give up interference in the work of the National police.

Cannot and should not assign law enforcement to be consistent with policies; can not and do not want the policy to use or attempt to use the force of law to protect their political interests. Without an understanding of this country sooner or later will again be doomed to the opposition of society and government».

Further Dekanoidze appealed to Ukrainians and emphasized that its function is:

«My dear dear Ukrainians, in the framework of its powers, I did everything in my power to see that these principles are respected. I, as promised, within a year created the Foundation for the development of new National police and stayed true to you and your interests to the last minute of their work.

My function is performed. But unfortunately, my will and authority were not enough to implement changes. Therefore, I announce my resignation. And consider it necessary in the shortest possible time to hold an open and transparent competition for the post of the new head of the National police of Ukraine.

I am grateful to his whole team and all the police, who despite everything continue to perform your duty, following the oath. I am also grateful to the public, journalists, and all who were with us, for your warm support, objective criticism and faith. I would like to thank our international partners and all the diplomatic missions for their help and assistance. But the biggest thank you to all the Ukrainian people for their support, understanding and patience. I hope that I have done the work will give impetus to the further development of the National police and the creation of a new country, if the political will».

As reported, the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov earlier today said that Khatia Dekanoidze has submitted his resignation from the post of head of the National police on 11 November. He noted that he respects the decision Dekanoidze to begin a new phase of his life and wished her success. Avakov said that the first Deputy chief of the National police of Ukraine – the chief of criminal police , Vadim Troyan will be acting head of the national police.

My function is: Dekanoidze told about the achievements of NHRIs under her leadership, and thanked the Ukrainians 14.11.2016

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