Muzhenko said the reasons for the Ilovaysk tragedy. In Kiev will be held the Day of memory of victims in the boiler

The reason for Ilovaisk tragedy — the invasion of Russian troops and inconsistency, randomness and the lack of competence when planning the operation out of the environment. About this on his page in Facebook said the chief of the General staff of Ukrainian armed forces Viktor Muzhenko.

On Sunday in Kiev will be held the Day of memory of soldiers killed in Ilovaysk

He noted that his role in the Ilovaisk tragedy»should not evaluate the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine. There are appropriate courts, which will take appropriate decisions on real facts.»

Regarding liability for omissions, the chief of staff is convinced that»it is necessary to compare what was the beginning of anti-terrorist operation continued, which led to encircled near Ilovaysk and tragic consequences. And then we can talk about who acted and who did the inaction in the period from April to August-September 2014. You need to evaluate not only response and all the activities of the ATO, particularly given the powers that they were granted, and the regulatory framework, which at that time existed, and perhaps matching of this database, the compliance of certain decisions and responsibilities as a whole, which took over the leadership of the ATO, even with the imperfections – I say – our legislative base».

The main reason for the tragedy Ilovaiskaya Muzhenko believes the invasion of Russian troops.»It is also the main reason for such large losses. Another reason is the inconsistency, randomness and, apparently, the lack of competence when planning the operation out of the environment», — says Muzhenko.

He also said that he was ready to answer for his decisions and orders, including those that led to losses.

At the same time, Muzhenko said that the responsibility for Ilovaisk does not lie on one person, should be responsible officials of other law enforcement agencies,»But there are levels of responsibility to different officials for the operation as a whole, the specific implementation of tactical tasks. It must be divided. In particular, the need to understand the composition of the interagency group, as it had to do with the anti-terrorist operation. Why are the volunteer battalions of the interior Ministry, the NSU was not included in the overall composition of forces and means ATO? Why they allowed themselves to make decisions at the level of heads and maybe even individual heads of departments – to carry us combat mission or not to do? Among such units of the Armed forces was not.»

He also believes that policy and»pseudo-experts» at the time, intervened in the planning of the operation to withdraw from Ilovaisk, and now want to avoid responsibility for it:»the Maniacal desire of various politicians and pseudo-experts to avoid responsibility for the incompetent interference in the operation planning tactical level, their manipulative impact on society, financial dependence, corruption and greed make Ilovaisky tragedy into farce».

On Sunday in Kiev will be held the Day of memory of soldiers killed in Ilovaysk

Sunday, August 28, at 11: 00 at St. Sophia square in Kiev will be held the Day of memory of soldiers killed in Ilovaysk. This is the website of the Association of wives and mothers of the fighters of ATO participants.

«We, women victims of military aggression in the East of Ukraine, we invite you to support and take part in the action dedicated to the memory of the dead and missing during the Ilovaisk tragedy of fighters», — is spoken in the message.

It’s been two years since «the greatest military tragedy in history of modern Ukraine» and the event will be a manifestation of a proper respect for the dead and missing Heroes of Ukraine and will remind residents and guests of the capital about the deeds committed by the Ukrainian military during undeclared war», — stated in the message.

Provides that participation in the event will be hosted by families of soldiers who died or went missing during the Ilovaisk tragedy.

Help. The events under Ilovaiskaya

On 18 August the soldiers of the battalions «Donbass», «Dnepr» and other participants of the ATO as a result of repeated assault Ilovaysk broke through to the center of the city and established there the state flag of Ukraine.

After the defeat of the mercenary unit, from the regions of Donetsk and Mospino in the city continuously beat divisions of the Russian «Grad». In the melee, and the result of the enemy artillery fire, Ukrainian troops suffered losses.

The commander of «Donbass» semen Semenchenko was wounded.

On August 21 the adviser to the interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said that losses near Ilovaysk was 25% of the total losses of volunteers during the ATO.

On the same day, the Ukrainian positions powerful reinforcements arrived.

On August 24 the advance of Russian troops RAID in the rear of the Ukrainian forces on the southern front. Russian armored group to a battalion, with tanks and armored vehicles from the area of Amvrosievka struck on the highway Starobeshevo — Kuteynikovo.

On 25 August Ukrainian security group (battalions «Donbass», «Dnepr», «Azov», «Kherson» and «Volunteer») were in the operational environment.

August 27, semen Semenchenko with reference to the battalion commander «Dnepr» and sarcomata of the «Donbass» said that the reinforcements did not come, and that the city entered two tanks under the flags «DNR», who are firing on the Ukrainian military, and the settlement itself double ring surrounded by Russian armored vehicles.

August 28, under the Ministry of defense of Ukraine was held to protest against the inaction of the Ministry and the General staff of the armed forces for the release of Ukrainian law enforcers.

Then the chief of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko stated that the developed operation to aid surrounded by the ATO forces.

29 August, Russian troops demanded that the forces of anti-terrorist operation under Ilovaysk to surrender until the morning of 30 August, otherwise threatened to destroy all.

ATO forces refused to surrender their weapons to the militants for the sake of giving them a corridor to retreat. The representative of the Information centre of the Council of national security and defense ukriana Andriy Lysenko said that no humanitarian corridors for the military does not exist.

On 30 August the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov reported, only about a hundred fighters left the «pot» near the border of Ilovaysk.

31 Aug weapons in the hands of the entourage broke a few groups of fighters. Among them — the commander of sector «B» and the operational command «South» Lieutenant-General Ruslan Homchak, the battalion commander «Dnepr» Yuri Birch, the commander of the battalion «Peacemaker» Andrew Teteruk, commander of the fourth company of the battalion Dnipro Vladimir Parasyuk.

The return of a control transfer with subsequent avoidance of the liberation of Donetsk – the main point of this enemy action.

Ilovaysk is a strategic district at the international highway Donetsk-Rostov, with the help of which the authorities of the Russian Federation is carried out resourcing militants.

We will remind, during the battle for the city died: fighter of a specialbattalion «Azov» Nicholas Birch — husband of journalist and public figure, government Plenipotentiary for anti-corruption policy Tatiana Chornovol, the husband of the famous volunteer Tatyana Rychkova Vadim, the husband of journalist Mihaileni SkorykSergei, also an American of Ukrainian descent «Franco», who fought in the ranks of the volunteer battalion «Donbass», the commander of the battalion «Kherson» Ruslan Storcheus.

August 5, 2015 the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios said that in the course of events in Ilovaiskaya killed 366 soldiers of the antiterrorist operation, 429 were injured.

Muzhenko said the reasons for the Ilovaysk tragedy. In Kiev will be held the Day of memory of victims in the boiler 26.08.2016

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