Muzhdabaev Khodorkovsky argued over Crimea

The Deputy Director General of the TV channel ATR , the muzhdabaev entered into a dispute with the Russian opposition Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who, on 19 November, was elected Chairman of the movement «Open Russia», about the territorial affiliation of the Crimea, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

So, on the page in Facebook Muzhdabaev asked Khodorkovsky if the program «United Russia», the paragraph on the return of the Crimea to the Ukraine.

Khodorkovsky said that the Crimean issue is not Central to Russian society, which also has other problems.

«I understand Your desire to have to Russian companies, the main issue was the question of the Crimea, and the only solution — his return to Ukraine. But it’s not. Russian society wants to solve other problems. To solve them we unite, despite differences on many issues that society considers to be secondary. The solution, in case of victory of democratic forces, can only be through democratic procedures, or war. The war we all do not need,» — said the politician.

Answering the question about Murzabaeva whether in case of victory of democratic forces in Russia to insist on the preservation of the Crimea under control of Russia or to demand from Ukraine of negotiations and concessions in agreeing to the illegal referendum, Khodorkovsky said that a democratic government will seek a compromise.

«The democratic government will work with the community and Ukraine, trying to find a compromise. No decisions contrary to the position of citizens will not. And, as far as I know, the most reasonable in Ukraine to provoke conflict on this issue, too, will not. Let Crimeans build a life as they want», — said the oppositionist.

This Mojtabai stated that «reasonable majority of Ukraine, as well as any Ukrainian government will never negotiate about its territorial integrity with any authorities of the Russian Federation».

In September 2016, Mikhail Khodorkovsky has launched a project «Instead of Putin», the purpose of which is the choice of the opponent of the current Russian President on the elections in 2018.

Muzhdabaev Khodorkovsky argued over Crimea 21.11.2016

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