Mukharsky: we Have many in power pid…racial. The real pid…racial, who married

Actor and showman Antin mukharsky encouraged to hide their sexual orientation representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, which, according to him, especially in Parliament, to make that information public.

She told about it in Facebook.

«I have no homophobic thoughts, if a person honestly recognizes their sexual orientation and shares it with people and defend their civic position, because in every normal cultural country people are entitled to it… Have pid…race, who do not recognize themselves… we Have a lot of power in pid…racial. The real pid…racial getting married. These people are lying to themselves, lying to the world, lie to their wives to their friends…. They are up to something, decide they serve some signals, the plots weave and so forth,» – said the actor.

He added that he knows many politicians, hiding their sexual orientation, including by means of fictitious marriages.

«People who are not afraid to go out and not afraid of society, fighting is gay. Therefore, I urge deputies, admit that you’re gay, admit it! Don’t be pid…races! Because pid…race – a people who, not recognizing its essence, trying to deceive others. The problem of pederasty, especially in our Parliament, it is very relevant. In the Cabinet, and in the administration of President she can be. I know many real stories about pid…race, who were married and led a double life. It is also common, unfortunately, in our society story,» said mukharsky.

The actor refused to name names «pid…race» in power.

«I’m not going to name names. I’ve made a lot of enemies. You can read my novel, «Doba». There is described a very high ranking official who fled Ukraine and is located in Israel, which, in particular, led the gay party in Parliament and in government offices… I had a bunch of enemies, because pid…race not asleep, and I just don’t have the resources to make more enemies. They already know about my position and will still be against me scheming. Don’t want to give them another reason», he concluded.

Mukharsky: we Have many in power pid…racial. The real pid…racial, who married 16.12.2017

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