Mufti Ismagilov: Inside Iran has accumulated a number of problems that he simply could not explode

Riots, most likely, will not lead to the downfall of the ruling Iranian regime, however, will reduce Iran’s interference in the Affairs of neighboring countries. This opinion on his page in Facebook was expressed by the mufti of the spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine «Ummah», Sheikh said Ismagilov.

«The Iranian regime is quite strict and specific. He’s even too specific for the Muslims. Therefore, the Iranian revolution and its ideology proposed by Ayatollah Khomeini, did not spread in the Islamic world. No one wanted to mess with Iran and its veiled promotion of Shi’ism. No one, except Russia, and pashitskij movements such as Hizbullah in Lebanon, alawites in Syria, the Houthis in Yemen,» he said.

The mufti noted that the Iranian ideology is not just a Shiite, and built on the opposition of another branch of Islam – Sunni.

«By and large, Shi’ism was not a separate religious direction, Shiism has been the struggle for power. You know how to translate «Shi’ism» from Arabic? «Si and» – translated as «party of Ali»… It is a party, in the political sense of the word. Later, on the background of the struggle for power in rannemongolskoi state, Shiism separated in theological developments from the Muslim mainstream, which is now the Sunni branch of Islam, and begins to develop as a separate issue,» he continued.

According to Ismagilov, Shi’ism and built on the basis of the ideology of the Iranian state can not become a leader in the Muslim world, but support any groups that weaken the Sunni state.

«A long time ambition of Iran has kept a lot of factors: the Iran-Iraq war and the lack of strong partners, and an embargo on the purchase of Iranian oil. But then everything changed dramatically: the contemporary Russian regime found in Iran your partner in Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein not only ceased to contain Iran, and became a satellite of Iran, and the weakening of regimes that rested on the bayonets of dictators, has allowed Iran to invest in the Shiite factions in the Arab countries», – said the mufti.

He noted that Iran along with Russia is supporting its allies in Syria controls Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen, even interfering in the Affairs of Saudi Arabia.

«In recent years Iran has become a threat to many countries. It has risen the degree of Sunni-Shiite intolerance. Especially after the brutal massacres of Shiites and alawites on the Syrian (Sunni) moderate opposition in Aleppo and other devastated cities in Syria. So don’t be surprised if the Sunni Muslim world happily accepts the overthrow of the Shiite regime», – he stressed.

According to Ismagilov, religion of Iran is a sham, and the conservative stratum of the population in the country dominates.

«Inside Iran has accumulated a number of problems that he simply could not explode. If you believe that Iran is a very religious country, you’re wrong. Management tip makes the population significant to demonstrate a commitment to strong traditional values (be very specific), but when the Iranians leave the country, I have not seen Muslims who have resorted to such rampant», – he stressed.

The mufti added that the revolution in Iran to explode, however, the regime will drown it in blood.

«I don’t know whether these riots to overthrow the regime, rather – no, but Iran’s interference in the Affairs of other countries may decrease. And, of course, Russia will not fall to Iran because if it collapses, then finally moved and Syria. And Russia to lose its allies in the East impossible. Therefore, Russia will help to drown in blood any embryos revolutions of their satellites, especially because it is not the first time,» he concluded.

Mufti Ismagilov: Inside Iran has accumulated a number of problems that he simply could not explode 31.12.2017

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