«Mriya» recognized home «celebrity» among the aircraft

The legendary Ukrainian aircraft an-225 «Mriya» is most often tracked in 2016, writes Tehnot.

For aircraft, the extra capacity is most often followed tracking service Flightradar24. For example, the flight of a legend in the Australian Perth was watched by hundreds of thousands of people. Said users and the November flight, when the An-225 carried a weight of 182 tons.

In addition, in September a very popular return to the air is the largest turboprop aircraft in the world, An-22. The flight took place on 8 September, after more than 7 years of inactivity on the ground.

Recall that An-225 is a turbojet shestimotorny vysokoplan with swept wings and twin fins. Equipped with six aircraft engines D-18T produced by OJSC «Motor Sich» development design office «Progress» to them. academician A. G. Ivchenko.

Cargo cabin dimensions: length — 43 m, width — 6,4 m, height — of 4.4 M. the Cargo cabin of the aircraft sealed, greatly expanding its transport capacity. Above the cargo cabin on the 2nd deck — cabin six-man relief crew and 88 people accompanying the goods.

«Mriya» recognized home «celebrity» among the aircraft 04.01.2017

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