MPs seek full or majority parliamentary elections — «OPORA»

People’s deputies of Ukraine want to implement a fully majoritarian system of election in the parliamentary elections. This was stated by the organization «OPORA».

«Today, December 19, in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was filed to replace bill No. 7366 on elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine through the majority system. The project was registered on 6 December. So, tomorrow, December 20 – last day of submission of the alternative bills from deputies», – stated in the message.

OPORA called on parliamentarians «to quickly register alternative bills to the consideration of this issue in the Parliament did not take place categorical vote for the bill does not reflect all the positions.»

The authors of the bill indicated 30 people’s deputies: Oleg Barna, Sergei Rudyk, Andrew River, Artem Vitko, Andrew Sinkovich, Roman Mazola, Yuri Timoshenko, Vladimir Melnichenko, Anton Kisse, hwich, Meparishvili, Ivan Rybak, Andrey Vadatursky, Alexander Dekhtyarchuk, Ivan Knotweed, Ivan Melnychuk, Dmitry Lubinets, Sergei Valentinov Oleksandr Tretyakov, Andrey Lopushansky, Gregory Timis, Alexander Suprunenko, Yuliy Mamchur, Valentyn nychyporenko, Boryslav Rozenblat, Nicholas Lushniak, Konstantin Yarynich, Oleg Dmytrenko Mykola Kucher, Serhiy Kunitsyn, Anatoly Kuzmenko.

The «Support» said that Barna is the faction of the bloc of Petro Poroshenko, who «at the end of November 2014 signed the coalition agreement, which was recorded by the adoption of a new law «On elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine» on the basis of a proportional system with open lists».

In the explanatory note to submitted to replace the bill States: «a party activity attracted not more than 3% of the population. The vast majority of the population does not want to engage in party activity, does not want to be members of any political parties due to the complete unbelief, lack of party responsibility. In this regard, a logical question arises: why 3% of the population needs to usurp power?»

According to Ukrainian legislation, half of the 450 deputies elected by party lists and the other half – in majority districts.

On 19 October the Verkhovna Rada rejected all three of the draft on electoral reform, including No. 1068-2, which involves the introduction of open party lists.

The next parliamentary elections should be held in Ukraine in 2019.

MPs seek full or majority parliamentary elections — «OPORA» 20.12.2017

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