MPs demand Poroshenko to take up the impeachment and the election

23 MPs have signed an open letter to the President Петр3 Poroshenko with the requirement to determine how urgent the draft laws, which take Poroshenko promised parliamentary coalition during the election campaign. This was announced by MP from the «block of Petro Poroshenko» Victor Chumak, posting on Facebook a copy of the letter.

We are talking about Poroshenko promises during the election campaign and provision of the agreement on creation of parliamentary coalition «European Ukraine».

This is a bill about the abolition of parliamentary immunity, the proportional system of parliamentary elections with open lists, the resolution of the impeachment of the President. Also on the list is a bill on all-Ukrainian referendum 2145.

«For 2 years of the parliamentary coalition «European Ukraine» has not shown the political will and are unable to supply the relevant draft laws to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine», — said in the letter.

«Political responsibility is what is missing today, the Ukrainian policy. Promises a lot — a few cases,» wrote Chumak.

«In addition, I propose that all parliamentary and not parliamentary political parties, political movements, conscious citizens from the 7th of February of each plenary Tuesday to assemble a campaign-rally near the VR with the purpose to constantly remind the government about our demands,» says Chumak.

He also brought a photo of the document with the signatures of deputies.

We will note, in December, «Samopomich» has introduced into Parliament a bill to abolish the immunity of MPs.

MPs demand Poroshenko to take up the impeachment and the election 18.01.2017

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