MPs condemn attack on synagogue in Uman

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on foreign Affairs Anna hopko notes that parliamentarians have condemned the attack on the synagogue in Uman.

She said this during a speech in Parliament.

Hopko noted that jointly with the Committee on culture and spirituality «, we initiated a statement on the incident in the synagogue in Uman».

«I want to say clearly that we condemn anti-Semitic provocation in Uman, in the synagogue at the burial site of the Judean scribes of Rabbi Nachman. We argue that this provocation is aimed against the ethnic peace in Ukraine, against the understanding of Ukrainians of different faiths and ethnic groups,» — said the Deputy.

She added that «this provocation is someone having to spoil Ukrainian-Israeli relations.» «This is not the first Russian trace we see. Especially on the eve of the visit of Prime Minister of Ukraine to Israel. Any provocation of the Russian special services, which spoil the relations Ukraine-Poland, Ukraine-Hungary, Ukraine-Israel, our law enforcement agencies should have a clear track,» said the MP.

Hopko stressed that Ukraine will develop its relations with immediate neighbours and strategic partners. She also noted that he expects of the Israeli Knesset historic decision — a vote for recognition of the Holodomor as genocide.

As reported, on the night of December 21, unknown persons broke into a synagogue in Uman, located at the tomb of tzaddik Rabbi Nahman (of Bratslav), dispersed the crowd and desecrated the building.

The assailants left the synagogue a pig’s head carved with a swastika, and the floor and walls smeared with red paint.

The National police said that the attackers who desecrated the grave of the tzaddik, threatens till 8 years of imprisonment.

MPs condemn attack on synagogue in Uman 22.12.2016

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