MP Vilkul received a gift from his wife of more than 25 million hryvnia

MP Oleksandr Vilkul has declared the receipt of a gift larger than $ 25 million hryvnia, and more than 52 million UAH he received under the contract. This is stated in the changes in property status that Vilkul introduced on November 19 in the system of electronic declarations, writes «Ukrainian truth».

And a gift, and «other income» Vilkul has received from his wife Helena. So, the gift amounted to 25 million 848 thousand 668 USD. The document also stated that the politician had received from his wife the transfer of funds under the contract №1934 from 11.07.2016 R. in the amount of 52 million 455 thousand 350 hryvnias.

As explained by the press Secretary Vilkul Sergey Milutin, his wife transferred funds which were declared on her. According to him, that the money was in the accounts of wives in 2015 and which have been specified in the Declaration for that year. The agreement was signed between Alexander Vilkul and his wife.

«I note that of the money paid income tax payments in all social funds», — said Milyutin.

He also stressed that the movement of funds has occurred within the family and no outside money is not received.

As you know, on different accounts wife Vilkul 2015 were listed more than $ 3 million, not more than 190 000 UAH. In addition, the wife Vilkul has declared a cash 1 million 800 thousand euros and 1 million 200 thousand dollars.

The Declaration States that the place of work wife Vilkul is OJSC «Northern mining and processing plant», which belongs to Metinvest (owner — Akhmetov and Novinsky).

Earlier it was reported that the politician has received compensation for housing.

MP Vilkul received a gift from his wife of more than 25 million hryvnia 22.11.2016

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