MP Rabinovich: the return of skilled professionals that we need at home, may take decades

Young professionals are leaving Ukraine because of the failure of the reforms, said on air of the author’s program «who’s Who Rabinowitz» on the TV channel «112 Ukraine» people’s Deputy, the party leader «For life» Vadim Rabinovich.

«On the abolition of the stupid laws of the current government we will need one day. Change economic development vector and the beginning of realization of the concept of neutral, strong, independent «Switzerland of Eastern Europe» we need another day. On the return of qualified professionals that we need at home, may take decades. The party «For life» has been developing programs for youth to return to Ukraine, in which we proposed to release the young professionals and their businesses from paying taxes for two years to return home. And we will definitely achieve results in this field,» he said.

The MP said that in the Czech Republic Ukrainian specialists are pleased more than at home.

«Such positive news came from Brussels where the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish said that his country is ready to accept immigrants is not on the proposed EU quota principle, namely from the Ukraine. Turns out that the head of the Czech government appreciates the Ukrainians than the Ukrainian government. Today millions of our fellow citizens work for the benefit of Polish, Czech, Israeli, Portuguese, and American economies. Skilled professionals, often from the IT sector, leave EN masse from our country. This must not be allowed,» said Rabinovich.

The politician believes that the recent decisions of the government leave no youth choice.

«Recently finished the trial with the state «Oschadbank» regarding the payments to depositors on deposits. Experts of the leading law firms commented on the verdict on this issue as follows: «as a result of a court decision the Bank has the ability, in principle, not to return deposits to the people.» It turns out that while «reform» the judiciary is in full swing, the government continues to impose levies of ordinary Ukrainians, making his life miserable. And all this is happening against the backdrop of the arrogant and the shameless increase of the salaries of deputies», – said Vadim Rabinovich.


MP Rabinovich: the return of skilled professionals that we need at home, may take decades 18.12.2017

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