MP Rabinovich said that a neutral and independent Ukraine is the only path of development

Ukraine should maintain neutrality in foreign policy and be guided only by their own interests, said MP, leader of the party «For life» Vadim Rabinovich was the author’s program «who’s Who Rabinowitz» on the TV channel «112 Ukraine».

«We have to be Pro – Ukrainian interests. On the East and West, North and South is important to us only Pro-Ukrainian interest. That’s why our friendship with any country, our relations with any country and it should be based only on how it is profitable for Ukraine. This is the right Pro-Ukrainian position. I am familiar with the leaders, maybe ten largest countries of Europe. And each of them very well applies to other countries, in particular Ukraine. But he loves, protects and works for the good of their country. And that we need to take primarily based. All decisions of the authorities should be Pro-Ukrainian. They should be dictated by the interests of his country, his people. Not someone else’s and not to please someone else,» – said the MP.

The politician believes that the current path is one of the reasons for the economic problems of the country.

«We don’t need to enter into economic transactions that are not beneficial to us, because there, in the West, we smile. We do not need to go on about as soon as we beckon some minimal handouts. Ukraine needs a completely different system. And we call it. It is a neutral independent Ukraine – Switzerland in Eastern Europe. And now more and more politicians understand that this is the only sane way for our country. The current government has tried to build the country differently, they have failed – it is already clear. Clear the pockets of Ukrainians who power empties to fill their», – said the leader of the party «For life».

Rabinovich believes that Ukraine is able to bring the minimum pension to $400, and the minimum wage to $600-800.

«I want to bring those underlying numbers that should be equal to the country’s leadership. The figures indicate that the state already feels normal and starts to develop. The minimum basic pension shall be $ 400. Without this, the pensioner will not be able to live with dignity. But if he will know that you won’t be able to live – why will it work? Why it needs a lifetime to work for his country that cannot ensure decent old age? So $ 400 should be a pension. Consequently, about 600-800 dollars should be the minimum Ukrainian salary. The minimum wage in the West is already 1.5 thousand Tell me, why our government thinks it’s too much for us? Why others can and we can’t? In the new year we all can.» leader of the party «For life».


MP Rabinovich said that a neutral and independent Ukraine is the only path of development 28.12.2017

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