MP Rabinovich – government: Can we still start to build? Rename then will. If you have, of course, will

Politicians in Ukraine to power after the revolution of dignity and not made a development plan of the state, said in the program «Ask a question» on the TV channel NewsOne MP, head of the parliamentary Subcommittee on human rights and the leader of the party «For life» Vadim Rabinovich. Video programs published on the YouTube channel policy.

«We believed, believe and will believe that we need a new Constitution. Not in the 21st century to live by the rules of the 20th, 19th or 18th. We need a new Constitution, which will give the opportunity to decide where we go, why we go and what we build. Because we toil, shouting about victories. Victories over what? When you know where you’re going, – you understand you won or lost,» – said the politician.

The leader of the party «For life» he added that his plan is a «neutral, independent and economically strong Ukraine».

«We propose to build a neutral, independent country – «the Switzerland of Eastern Europe». And also to build their financial system. We offer a parliamentary Republic, because it is in the interests of our country, our heritage and much more. For example, if Russia is an Imperial country, the Ukraine had the Imperial not been,» – said Rabinovich.

The main issues of development of state policies offers to decide through a referendum.

«We can argue without end, unless you do one thing: we need new elections and a referendum on key issues of development of our state. The people can decide (we must have this right is still there, they still have not taken), where it is the country – said the Deputy. The important thing is that we have this year decided that we want to build, and never diverted to anything else, but simply built. We offer the development plan of Ukraine. Do you have another? Suggest your own. But it is impossible to build anything at all without a plan, without a Constitution, without law. You can’t.»

The leader of the party «For freedom» stressed that the later the government will take to rebuild the economy, the harder it will be to do.

«The new government that sits for more than three years, revels in only one: renames, remakes, re-… Well, renamed. What do you want to continue to do? Already «Nazarovo» before that the worst may not come up with. I want to tell you down gently, not to offend anyone: maybe we will start to build? Rename then will. If you have, of course, succeed. I’m afraid you do not know how to do» – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.


MP Rabinovich – government: Can we still start to build? Rename then will. If you have, of course, will 11.01.2018

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