MP Rabinovich: Cycle thieves in the nature we are in politics constantly. We have one time to stop

Ukrainians every time you vote for the same politicians who robbed the country, so it remains one of the poorest in Europe, said the TV channel NewsOne MP, the leader of the party «For life» Vadim Rabinovich.

«If I was given economic objective – to make Ukraine the poorest country of Europe for a short period of time, I would say that I can’t. We’re strong! And they did it. And it’s our fault, we are with you. Because we go and again and again pick the same. The same in a circle. And this is the circle of thieves in the nature we are in politics constantly. We should once stop to cure yourself. We need a national psychiatrist, who tells us: «Dear Ukrainians, you are sick, stop for a moment, pull yourself together and vote for something normal!» – he considers.

Thus the people’s Deputy is sure that Ukraine will have a brilliant future, if it is right to endeavour, then in a year you can ensure an economic recovery.

«And we’ve got a great future as it is fantastic today sounded. I think so based on a rigorous analysis of what now occurred, according to our economic calculations. I think we need just one year to return to Ukraine what it was, and then exactly a year later – not in 100 and not 50 – begins a rise that no one today not even expect. We have the capability, you just have to do what you need,» said Rabinovich.

Three pillars for growth, he called agricultural complex, high-tech and banking sector.

«Ukraine must be based on three shoulder. The first is agricultural: the modern agricultural complex that feeds Europe with raw materials and finished products. The second is high-tech. We have young people feeds all foreign companies. All companies of the world filled with Ukrainian «chlopcem» and «Ducati». The third is the banking sector. Because between East and West reduced fully contact. Today we can store billions, but it is necessary to make this neutral country. You need to make definite economic laws, to impose a ban on the adoption of laws that take from the pocket of citizen of Ukraine at least a penny», – the politician.

Rabinowitz believes that his political party wins the next election, but he, as head of the party, will not hold public office.

«And the head of the winning party, and in this case I mean the party «For life» itself, don’t need to take any public office after his party wins. He is obliged to sit with their managers and to test each one to fulfill a campaign promise of the party. That is all we need nothing. We do not have any credit to borrow from the IMF, the money is there in the market. It is not difficult, simply it requires brains, which have no power. However, despite this, I believe that life wins! And it will happen in the near future» – summed up the MP.


MP Rabinovich: Cycle thieves in the nature we are in politics constantly. We have one time to stop 31.03.2018

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