MP Rabinovich: Already imported the reformers. They receive their wages, without making any reform

Foreign experts who were invited to public office in Ukraine, received their wages, but are unable to spend quality reforms, and then just disappeared, said in the program «Ask a question» on the TV channel NewsOne MP, head of the parliamentary Subcommittee on human rights and the leader of the party «For life» Vadim Rabinovich. Video programs published on the YouTube channel policy.

He recalled that the head of the national police was Khatia Dekanoidze, Deputy Minister of interior – Eka Zguladze, «Ukrzaliznitsyu» was headed by Wojciech Balczun, Minister of economic development and trade aivaras Abromavičius, Minister of health – Alexander Kvitashvili, the Minister of Finance – Natalia Yaresko, and they are all gone, not by changing the system.

«Let’s stay who we are. We don’t have anyone to invite. Already imported the reformers. Dekanoidze and Zguladze, we reformed the patrol police, together with 26 billion vanished in the vastness of Paris. The reformer of «Ukrzaliznytsya» – Balcon, which we presented as the only one who can save our country, getting a green paycheck, disappeared in the vast Europe. Even Abromavicius – he vanished, he came back illegally privatized 26 hectares of forest and now tells us how he did everything perfectly, just misunderstood. I can endlessly talk about these «reformers»! About the same Yaresko, which is now, removing a Ukrainian embroidered shirt, became Minister of Finance of Puerto Rico. I can still remember Kvitashvili, who «reformed» the medicine before Suprun (acting Minister of health Suprun. – «GORDON»). And none of them never answered – reformers received their wages, without making any reform,» said Rabinovich.

The recent appointment as head of «Ukrtransgaz» pole Pavel Stanaca he believes the continuation of this policy, humiliation and an expression of distrust of Ukrainians by the government.

«Here’s another «happy» news for the Ukrainian people. Pole Stanczak just a couple of days ago was appointed head of «Ukrtransgaz». That is, the government still does not trust the Ukrainians. Today, in order to take some of the most important economic post in our country in the first place have not been born in Ukraine and have a Ukrainian passport. And then you here the gold! This is a symptom of the worst of external control. This is a humiliation of which the current officials spoke on the Maidan. Promised to restore dignity and what is the result? Today people living in the country, has no right to take any high office in the state. Put everywhere foreigners,» – said the MP.

He added that during the previous appointment of foreigners and their high wages nobody answered.

«No one answered for those rogues that have left us with billions, destroying everything. And now the current government to new foreign managers assigns as if everything is normal and all is well. Besides, today announced that the Prosecutor General’s office will be expanded. Previously, we promised to reduce, but instead extend. Pay raise – increase salaries of police, the SBU, the GPU. Build power state! Tens of thousands needs to detectives, because otherwise they will not work, and the rest – let them work as they want,» – said Vadim Rabinovich.


MP Rabinovich: Already imported the reformers. They receive their wages, without making any reform 12.01.2018

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