MP Rabinovich: a New law on housing and communal services – it is a blatant rape of the whole country

The new law on housing and communal services will lead to the impoverishment of Ukrainians, said the people’s Deputy and leader of the political party «For life» Vadym Rabinovich on air of TV channel NewsOne, commenting on the document adopted November 9, the Verkhovna Rada.

«Now the apartment building as a whole is completely accountable to the firm providing the utility services. One of the tenants has not paid – the others are obliged to compensate the firm a loss. That is to chip in for it. Moreover, refundable fee, and there will be a fee for the service, which recently broke many copies, and promised not to enter, cancel», – explained the Deputy.

He noted that the law imposes a penalty for late payments.

«Based on the provisions of the new law on housing, the tenant, at least a day delayed payment for services is charged a penalty fine. It grows every day and may reach 100% of the cost of all services. And what about people who withhold salaries, pensions, scholarships are not paid? What do seniors when «Supplement» from the state for a day or two will be eaten by inflation and rising prices?» – transferred policies.

Rabinovich is convinced that it was wrong and the decision to transfer the ownership of the tenants of all the plumbing, pipe installation and boiler, the repair of which now they have to pay.

«And what about the money that we had paid to upgrade all of this, the government paid? And it is we now all is forgiven? And for all this the government will fine you «only» 100%. Here is a «robinhoods» of the state towards its citizens. In my opinion, we must come to officials from North Korea, to learn from our authorities is the experience of robbing their own citizens and crackdown. People, open your eyes. What they are doing – it is a blatant rape of the whole country. And we look at that and endure,» he said.

The politician believes that the Opposition bloc, in voting for the bill along with factions of the coalition could not be considered opposition.

«The new coalition in the Verkhovna Rada – BPP, people’s front and the Opposition bloc – voted for changes in the housing sector, which will lead to the same deadly consequences as medifarma. Above us consistently and persistently put experiments on survival. And I’m scared that voted for this political force, which went to the polls under the banner of opposition, and now finishes the Ukrainians with Pro-government factions. It’s a shame they don’t have the right to be called the Opposition bloc», – he said.

The leader of the party «For life» he added that the government «consistently destroys people, brazenly calling it «reform» and doing it «with pensions, health of Ukrainians, with education, and now with housing.»

«Such power should be changed before it completely destroyed not only the economy, but in General its citizens. And shame that the false and hypocritical power, who called themselves the opposition, betrayed the interests of the electorate, all of us, going into a huddle with the criminal authorities», – said Vadim Rabinovich.

The Parliament on 9 November adopted in the repeat second reading and in whole draft law «On housing and communal services». According to the document, in particular, the tariff for water and heat to residents of apartment buildings will allocate the costs of subscription services.

MP Rabinovich: a New law on housing and communal services – it is a blatant rape of the whole country 10.11.2017

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