MP kupriy on the statements of Sousse: In a civilized country there would be the resignation of attorney General

Non-faction people’s Deputy, Deputy head of the parliamentary Committee on legislative support of law enforcement Vitaly kupry considers that the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko should resign. Such a statement he made in comments to «Apostrophe», commenting on the words of ex-Deputy chief of Department on investigation of especially important cases in the sphere of economy – the head of Department on investigation of criminal proceedings in the sphere of economy of the GPU, Dmitry Sousa about the registered criminal proceedings.

«The fact that WM said that his Department when he headed it, and now continues to fulfill the orders of the GPU, or rather the leadership of the state, to falsify the case or engage in selective justice is obvious to me however, I absolutely agree with him. Just in a civilized country there would be a resignation of the Prosecutor General and cleaning of law enforcement bodies», – said the MP.

In his opinion, to avoid abuse, you must create a State Bureau of investigation.

«We have crimes prosecutors investigating, the prosecutors themselves, we have still not started the State Bureau of investigation. At yesterday’s meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on law enforcement was made by Yury Lutsenko, and in fact stated that the investigation should remain in the Prosecutor’s office. That is advocated to keep the powers. That is, he himself becomes the judge in the case,» said kupriy.

A former employee of the state office of public Prosecutor Dmitry WM 6 November said that the task to accuse a member of the High Council of justice Paul Grechkovskogo of bribery appeared in the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine in the spring of 2016. Criminal proceedings against Grechkovskogo opened by the General Prosecutor’s office in August of 2016, he was handed a suspicion in extortion of a bribe. WMS is confident that his refusal to participate in Grechkovskogo caused the end of his career in the Prosecutor’s office.

In an interview with the American journalist, Todd Wood, the former Prosecutor added that the case against people’s Deputy from the Radical party Sergey Fishing coordinated by former Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Evdokimov. According to Susa, Evdokimov showed reports about the illegal hacking email Fishing, surveillance, initiated the entry into the apartment to install CCTV.

On 25 July, the detectives NAB Sousa was detained in Boryspil airport. To him reported about suspicion in misappropriation of another’s property in large sizes, misappropriation and embezzlement of another’s property committed repeatedly, the submission of knowingly false information in income declarations. SUSU is charged with misappropriation of more than 400 thousand UAH and DVR, the court chose to it a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest.

MP kupriy on the statements of Sousse: In a civilized country there would be the resignation of attorney General 10.11.2017

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