MP kupriy has published a «secret contract» with Balkonom

People’s Deputy Vitaliy kupriy has published a copy of the contract of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine with the head of «Ukrainian zaliznytsi» Wojciech Balkonem.

A copy of the contract kupriy published on Wednesday 1 February at Facebook.

Kupriy said he received this information from their government sources, puts the «Ukrainian truth».

Kupriy has stated that he wrote a statement about the crime to the National police claims that Balchan violated the terms of the contract, including without good reason, was absent from work and received a salary arbitrarily.

«According to my information, Balcon 48 days absent from work. Million of the damage,» said kupriy.

«This contract is accurate. I got it from their sources in the government that I would not like to call,» he said.

The documents indicated that Balcon can be dismissed in case of repeated gross violations that caused public company Ukrainian Railways «Ukrzaliznytsya» damages, fines, loss of property more than 20 million hryvnia.

Also it can fire because of the systematic neglect of duty and absences of more than 3 times at the meetings of the Board without good reason. Another reason for the dismissal is the damage to business reputation, disclosure of confidential information, failure to comply with the financial plan by 25%.

The salary of Balchune, according to the contract, amounts to 462 thousand UAH/month.

The contract specifies that it is valid until June 5, 2017.

Previously the end date of the contract with Balkonom called the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

According to the Omelyan, Balcon opposed the publication of the contract, citing the confidentiality of the information.

As reported, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman supported by the head of the Ukrainian rail company Ukrzaliznytsia Adalbert Balcona in conflict with the Minister of infrastructure Omelyan.

«Discord leave,» said the Prime Minister during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 25 January 2017, calling for constructive work in the sphere of infrastructure and transport.

Omeljan and Balcon in the government meeting exchanged critical remarks concerning each other’s actions in the current positions.

Infrastructure Minister accuses the leadership of «Ukrzaliznytsia» in corrupt activities.

MP kupriy has published a «secret contract» with Balkonom 01.02.2017

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