MP from the Opposition bloc Nimchenko has sued the state about 500 thousand UAH

MP from the Opposition bloc Vasily nimchenko has declared about 500 thousand UAH of additional income by winning their case in court.

Changes in the property status of people’s Deputy said that funds in the amount of 498 408 UAH he received in accordance with the decision of the District administrative court of Kyiv from March 23, 2016 (No. 2A 1485/11/2670).

According to the unified court register in January 2006 Nimchenko appealed to the Pechersky district court of Kyiv with a claim to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to recover monetary life annuity of a retired judge in accordance with article 44 of the law of Ukraine «On status of judges».

In the petition he asked to recognize his right to a lifetime allowance based on salary in 734,13 12 UAH, and will charge a one-time 587,66 105 UAH.

A former judge stated that did not get 40% of allowances for years of service, the extra charge for a scientific degree, the honorary title «honored lawyer of Ukraine», etc. Underpayment of the severance pay of the judge Nimchenko was estimated at 72 169,65 UAH.

In the lawsuit he stated that compensation shall be payable for each month separately and taking into account the inflation index is 312 412,22 hryvnia. In this regard, Nimchenko asked the court to sentence to punishment in his favor 408,33 498 UAH. The district administrative court of Kyiv satisfied the lawsuit of MP.

Nimchenko was a judge of the constitutional Court from 1996 to 2005. Since 2014 he is the MP from the faction of the Opposition bloc.

Earlier Nimchenko appealed to the District administrative court of Kiev with the request to collect from the office of the Verkhovna Rada alleged unpaid salary of an MP. The court came to the conclusion that Nimchenko has not proved the wrongfulness of the defendant’s actions, and denied the claim. In August 2017, the people’s Deputy appealed in cassation to the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine to cancel the decisions of lower courts that have considered the legality of the limitation of the salaries of MPs in 2015-2016.

MP from the Opposition bloc Nimchenko has sued the state about 500 thousand UAH 21.08.2017

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