«Movement novih forces»: the protests in Ukraine on 18 March will begin with a flash mob of «Putin’s…ylo»

«Rusi novih forces,» announced in Facebook as held a protest in Ukraine on 18 March, the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea by Russia President Vladimir Putin.

«Each protest will begin with a flash mob of «Putin’s…ylo». Come out to squares of their cities with these posters and say «hi» from the Ukrainians, the Kremlin dwarf. We remember that on March 18, 2014 bloody dictator of terrorist state of Russia Putin brazenly included Crimea, Ukraine into Russia, making a fake referendum», – stated in the page movement.

«Rusi novih forces» noted that on March 18 in Russia, elections are held, including Russian Federation on the occupied Ukrainian territory of Crimea.

«Former «KGB» «cleaned out» of all political rivals and established the dictatorship in Russia. We know that elections in the Russian Federation no. From the mechanism of democracy and citizens ‘ influence on the formation of the organs of the state elections in Russia turned into a farce, «national approval» of the Soviet model, where the slaves were allowed to maintain a pre-determined winner,» – said in the motion.

According to political force, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko «persist in forcing» the country a regime like Putin’s.

«We will not let him to do it! We will not be on his knees in front of his dogs. We will not allow to transform Ukraine into a copy of the periphery of Putin’s pahanata», the statement reads «the Movement of new forces.»


«Movement novih forces»: the protests in Ukraine on 18 March will begin with a flash mob of «Putin’s…ylo» 17.03.2018

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