Most Russians are afraid of rising prices and international conflict — poll

In Russia since the beginning of the year increases the relevance of most of the problems that make up the «map of fear» of the Russians, and most of the indicators are significantly higher than the data of the past two years, said all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

Sociologists have noted that the main factors of concern are the fears associated with rising prices and international conflict.

«The fears index on the first issue, from may to June, increased from 23 to 27 p. (in January it was equal to 17). The indicator that demonstrates the level of fears of Russians concerning military conflicts, rose to 19 p. in March and since then is in the range of 19-20 p.», informs VTSIOM.

In third place among the fears of Russians are health problems and difficulty obtaining health care (an increase from 0 to 8 points YTD). The level of concern about internal unrest and conflicts in April rose to 6 points, and in June fell to 1 point. A similar trend is observed in response to concern of the Russians about crime.

The risks of lower revenues in connection with the reduction of salaries and delays in payments, as well as fear of job losses among the citizens for the last six months increased, but these figures are in the region of negative values.

Family conflicts and problems traditionally took the last place in the ranking of «fears».

Expert consultant VTSIOM Oleg chernozub said that the tendency to exacerbate social fears in Russia was fixed.

«The main factors of concern remain the high cost of living and international tensions. Indicators on them continue to deteriorate. Quite reasonable in the past, fears in respect of income, unemployment and internal disorder also show an unfavorable trend. This means that… the optimism of a society in terms of overcoming the crisis and maintaining political stability becoming unstable,» he said.

Index fears shows how good Russians believe that the likelihood of a particular problem. It is based on the question «How do you assess the probability of the next challenges in your life?» is measured in points and can range from -100 (answers «sure that’s not gonna happen») to 100 (the answers «fully confident that will happen»). The higher the index value, the more likely it seems the Russians attack the problem.

The survey was conducted from 22 to 27 June 2017 in 130 populated localities in 46 regions of Russia. Sample size: 1,600. Sample representerait the Russian population aged 18 years and older. Sampling error with 95% probability does not exceed 3.5%.

Most Russians are afraid of rising prices and international conflict — poll 18.07.2017

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