Moskal: Uzhgorod threatens flooding

Ice drift on the river, the remains of which pass through the Carpathians, stalled in neighboring Slovakia and at 15.00 was a huge traffic jam of ice blocks with a total length of 5 kilometers.

This was reported on the website of the Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal.

«The congestion starts near the villages of Lekarovce, Vinkovci and Light of the Košice region (Slovakia) and ends near the village of Storozhnytsya in Uzhgorod district. If Slovakia does not take urgent measures to unblock the ice, the water in the Already rapidly rise and may flood part Storozhnitsy and Uzhgorod,» — said Moskal.

It is noted that in Slovakia to rush to the head of the Basin management of water resources of the river Village Volodymyr Chipak, which, together with the Slovak water experts will examine the situation on the ground.

«If necessary, Transcarpathia is ready to send to Slovakia their pyrotechnic crews, blasting and unfreezing of ice. In parallel, there is constant monitoring of ice flow in neighboring Hungary and Romania. The situation is under constant control of the regional state administration», — stated in the message.

Yesterday, February 4, Moskal said that in the area of recession of water on major rivers of the region, pyrotechnics DSNs and military 128th brigade detonated 20 ice jams — ice, which threatened to flood, passed through the Tisza in Hungary. Now new floods in Transcarpathia there.

Moskal: Uzhgorod threatens flooding 05.02.2017

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