Moskal told about the Scam Gosgeonadzor land the participants of ATO in Transcarpathia

In Transcarpathia, officials of Gosgeonadzor, recognizing the trees of the estate, sold the dedicated members of the antiterrorist operation the ground. About this on its website said the Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal.

«Because the land is outside the boundaries of settlements, it has allocated no municipal or village councils, and the office of Gosgeonadzor. And when the ATO participants came to draw up the documents, we found that the plots sold to other persons. And on a very strange diagram. Speculators bought fruit trees that grow on the land, and then filed Gosgeonadzor documents, we want to privatize the land under these trees, which are the objects of real estate! And Gosgeonadzor really recognizes trees real estate, sells the land and makes the about this information in the unified land cadastre. It is complete nonsense, but it made», — said Moskal.

According to him, the employee Gosgeonadzor, who conducted this transaction, ran to the hospital, but it is not in the hospital or at home.

Moskal said that people go to complain to the CAA.

«I fully share their outrage, but to directly affect Gosgeonadzor can’t, because it is directly subordinate to Kiev. Now we should turn to law enforcement authorities to open criminal proceedings, to cancel information in the land cadastre through the courts, etc. that might take a while…» — said Moskal.

He noted that this is not the only Scam with the land in Transcarpathia.

«In the same way privatized vast vineyards in Vynogradiv district, recognizing the estate vines. And in Volovets district (where in General landlessness alone mountains) a lot of land outside of the villages gave the «left» students from Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk oblasts. It only now begins to emerge…» — said the head of RSA.

According to the Russian Scam with the land is a Prime example of that «no decentralization about which so much has been said recently, no.»

In turn, the speaker of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Yaroslav galas on the TV channel «112 Ukraine» said that as a result of swindle with the earth in the area affected 96 fighters ATO.

«It’s about the 96 participants of the ATO, which in General has allocated 16 acres of land on the outskirts of Uzhgorod. But according to the documents she was decorated as a city, and this benefited the employees of Gosgeonadzor. They knew that the land was a session dedicated to participants of ATO, but sent her to a privatization of people-speculators, who have bought trees. Thus had these fruit trees as objects of real estate», — he said.

Gallas added that at least one in the area is estimated at several thousand dollars.

We will remind, on October 21, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced the political position of the Minister on the Affairs of ATO participants, who must coordinate the work of power and key social agencies in providing benefits and guarantees provided for the defenders of Ukraine.

Moskal told about the Scam Gosgeonadzor land the participants of ATO in Transcarpathia 08.02.2016

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