Moskal says that it can not affect the custom runs «Vinnytsia»

The Governor of the Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal claims that has no influence on the Transcarpathian customs and it is now run by natives of Vinnytsia region. This is stated on his personal page.

Thus Moskal responded to the smuggling of electric car cost half a million hryvnia, «which «did not notice» of the Transcarpathian customs officers».

«Before, as soon as the militiamen opened up customs for much smaller violations, prebalkhashye media screaming that it «protects» the Russian, who made the head of the Transcarpathian customs GFS his man – Kolesnikova. Report that I no longer custom «roof», because now the footage is put Vinnytsia», – he said.

«Acting head of the Transcarpathian customs Stanislav ball had previously worked in Vinnytsia customs, Deputy Chairman of the state fiscal service, which oversees customs, Stanislav Sold – from Vinnitsa region, «looking» for a customs Advisor to the Chairman of the State fiscal service Gennady Romanenko – of Vinnytsia region», – said Moskal.

He also recalled that Romanenko is the godfather of the head of customs of times of Yanukovych, Ihor Kaletnik, who is also from Vinnitsa and is now hiding from the investigation.

According to Moskal, the smuggling of cars through the Transcarpathian customs will only gain momentum. In addition, he said, «now the Transcarpathian customs built destroyed the scheme of the cigarette «business.»

«And any reaction to that from the GFS, there are no suspensions, no disciplinary proceedings,» he added.

We will remind, in may, Moskal tried to resign because of a conflict with customs and GFS.

Moskal says that it can not affect the custom runs «Vinnytsia» 11.11.2016

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