Moskal says Nasirov is still not fired odious customs in Transcarpathia

Despite the order of the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, head of the State fiscal service Roman Nasirov is still not fired odious customs in Transcarpathia.

According to the website of the Transcarpathian regional state administration, the Governor Gennady Moskal wrote in a letter to Groysman.

According to Moskal, the positions remain appointed on 29 April, the Deputy head of the Transcarpathian customs Andrew Crimean and head of the customs post «Mukachevo» Sergey Svitovogo, despite the order of Groisman to release them.

Moskal argues that the Crimean Nasirov was appointed after a two-day internship with gross violations of the law».

In addition, according to Moskal, gross violations were committed during the appointment of the Novel of Krutka, which is from June to August 2015, was the acting head of the Transcarpathian customs, including during the July events in Mukachevo, and then 9 months wrongly was on sick leave. He is now at the post of first Deputy head of the Cherkasy customs.

Also there were irregularities in the appointment of Basil Herman, Deputy head of the Zaporozhye customs in the order of transfer of management of internal security of the Main Directorate of DFS in the Transcarpathian customs, the Governor added.

«Most of these individuals – relatives or close persons of the former Chairman of the State customs service Igor Kaletnik, who in February 2014, went to Russia and declared wanted,» – said Moskal.

We will remind, the Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration appealed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman demanding to initiate his resignation. He called and the reason is inconsistent with him changing the head of the Transcarpathian customs, which, according to the Russian, was made in the interests of the «cigarette mafia».

However, Groisman said that would not comply with the request of the Muscovite, and called him to a meeting next week.

Commenting on the «ultimatum» of the Russian Prime Minister has made a reservation (given in the original language):

«I’m bi hotu nadejnosti Gennady Gennadiyovich on borotba s smuggling… I . themselves Golovnin ally I’ll are Robit order, sobi of pakrasti… palasti the edge of the fact scho vdbase on derzhavnih cordon».

It is worth noting that with
similar accusations against Nasirov also act as social activists Volhynia, where he appointed his countryman Alexander Savlaka, which is called the personal «wallet» glowy DFS.

Moskal says Nasirov is still not fired odious customs in Transcarpathia 13.05.2016

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