Moskal said that «the barn book» Party of regions stole from the office of the political power during the burning

The head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal, who previously was part of the parliamentary temporary investigative Commission for investigation of crimes committed during the revolution of dignity, says that the lists of recipients of funds from the «black funds» of the Party of regions were abducted during the burning of the Central office of the party 18 Feb 2014.

«I was a member of the temporary investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada on investigation of crimes during the Revolution of Dignity and considered this as one of the arson episodes. The office of Party of regions on Lipskaya belonged to the people’s Deputy from PR Grigory Smityukh, who then was the conflict with the party leadership, so his property was not sorry to bring an «offering». By the way, Smityuh also inclined to believe that the arson was inspired by the then ruling elite» — quoted Moskal on his official website on Wednesday.

He pointed out that the arson 18 Feb 2014 staged from within the SBU or their agents, and after that a party’s office were protesters.

«In the ensuing chaos from the office stole money, valuables and «the Ledger» of the Party of regions, which was in the SBU. And now it decided to legalize. By the way, the criminal case on the arson of the office of PR today has not been investigated to the end, the arsonists are not detected and prosecuted», — said Moskal.

Earlier, the former first Deputy Chairman of SBU Victor Trepak in interview to the edition «Mirror of week» said that was transferred to the NEB documents proving illegal payments by the Party of regions cash of a number of former and current high-ranking officials. He spoke about «black accounting» of the Party of regions with total payments amounting to almost $ 2 billion.

30 may during the press-conference in Kyiv, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko declared that in lists of «black accounting Yanukovych» appear the names of the representatives of political parties, which at today’s hearing.

The parliamentary faction of «Fatherland», warns that information on the «black accounting» of the Party of regions began to be replicated, expanded, bent and forged in favor of anyone’s interests.

Moskal said that «the barn book» Party of regions stole from the office of the political power during the burning 01.06.2016

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