More than 300 Russian actors of theatre and cinema demanded to close the case, «the Seventh Studio»

More than 300 Directors, actors, artists, producers, critics, playwrights, musicians, and other creative professions were required to close the deal, «the Seventh Studio».

They signed a letter in support of Director Kirill Serebrennikov and the staff of the theater company – the General producer Alexey Malopolska, Director Yuri itina, the chief accountant Nina Massieu and Executive Director Catherine Raven, which is published on the platform of Tilda.

«The actions of the Investigative Committee and the Tribunal in relation Serebrennikov, Malopolska, itina, Massieu – not precaution, a show of force. It makes no sense to detain: they are not a danger to society and will not hide from the investigation», – is spoken in the letter.

The signatories declared that the court, and consequently endanger the life and health of Massieu, as she has diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart disease, and its fourth month is being held in jail.

«The case of the «Seventh Studio» is conducted with gross violations: the criminal case against Alexei Malopolska was brought only a month after his arrest. The amount in the theft which accuse the team of Studio seven, is constantly changing. Was first named figure of 200 million rubles, then 1.2 million, then 68; the charges were vague and unspecific, measures the same – rude and unnecessarily cruel. Each stage of the investigation, searches, and detentions to litigation – full of egregious examples of bias and unlawful actions of the representatives of the law,» the document says.

Figures of theatre and cinema called the case «the Seventh Studio» politically motivated.

Among the signatories – Directors IO Voulgaraki, Maxim Didenko, Denis Azarov, Martha Horwitz, Alexei Kamynin, Yuri Kwiatkowski, composer Ilya Demutsky, Vitaly Amines, writer Yevgeny Babushkin, Director Zhenya Berkovich, actress Alexandra Bortech, actor Dmitry Gladyshev, playwrights Valery Pecheikin, Marina Krapivina, choreographer, ballet dancer Alex Naruto, theater critic Pavel Rudnev, set designer Theodore N. and others.

Main Department for investigation of particularly important cases of the Investigative Committee of Russia detained Serebrennikov on the night of 22 August. He is accused of organizing the theft of at least 68 million rubles (about $1,15 million) allocated in 2011-2014 for the project «Platform».

According to the Director, the charges against him is absurd, because the project «Platform» took place for the money that was allocated by the state.

In may 2017 in Sledkom of the Russian Federation said that the leadership of the «Seventh Studio» is suspected in the theft of about 200 million rubles ($3.5 million) in the period from 2011 to 2014. The apartment Serebrennikov was raided. The Director then stated that he was «shocked and perplexed». August 23, Basmanny court of Moscow has sent Serebrennikov under house arrest.

German Directors Thomas Ostermeier and Marius von Mayenburg organized the collection of signatures in defense of the government. The petition was signed 8,76 thousand people, and the letter 36 artists, among which, in particular, Australian actress cate Blanchett and German actor, Director and screenwriter Joseph, Bierbichler.

More than 300 Russian actors of theatre and cinema demanded to close the case, «the Seventh Studio» 30.08.2017

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