Monument to Lenin in Zaporozhye did tear, after 29 hours of dismantling

In Zaporozhye on Thursday after 29 hours since the beginning of the dismantling of demolished Ukraine’s largest monument to the Communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

To prepare for the dismantling of the Lenin started on Saturday, March 12.

Then the monument was enclosed by a fence, says local website The dismantling started on the morning of Tuesday, March 16, after 29 hours at 13.30 on 17 March, the monument has been removed from the pedestal.

Morning on the square of Zaporozhye near the monument to Lenin police detained the former Deputy of the Zaporozhye city Council Yuri Petrovsky. Former member, supporter of Communist ideas, handing out leaflets along with other supporters of the leader. Police arrested Petrovsky and escorted him in Dneprovsky regional Department.

In General, the dismantling of the monument was calm.

The monument was removed with the help of ropes and special equipment, so it remained unharmed. Previously in the city Council of Zaporozhye there were proposals to hold an auction for the sale of the monument to Lenin.

The monument is made of bronze, the pedestal of pink granite, its cost is estimated at millions of hryvnias. The total height of the monument with pedestal is 19.8 m. It was the largest Lenin monument in Ukraine.

He stood in Zaporozhye since 1964.

Monument to Lenin in Zaporozhye did tear, after 29 hours of dismantling 17.03.2016

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