Montenegro completed negotiations on accession to NATO

Montenegro has assumed obligations arising from membership in NATO.

This step Montenegro undertook during the two-day consultations this week in Brussels with the NATO delegation on the country’s membership in the Alliance, said in a statement released on Wednesday, 17 February, the message of the Montenegrin government, reports «Interfax».

Recall that in December last year, NATO members decided to start negotiations for membership in the Alliance of Montenegro.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the decision a confrontational step that is forcing Moscow to respond accordingly.

In late December, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the intention to start negotiations with Montenegro on joining the Alliance in mid-February 2016.

In the message of the government of Montenegro States that «the next step towards the country’s membership in NATO will be the signing of the Protocol of accession, followed by the ratification process in all member countries of the Alliance».

In parallel, Montenegro will be able to take part in the meetings of NATO as a guest.

After all the countries-NATO members to ratify the Protocol, Montenegro to accede to the Washington Treaty (NATO – ed.) and will become the 29th member of the Alliance, the report says.

Montenegro completed negotiations on accession to NATO 17.02.2016

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