Montenegro adopted a new Pro-Western government

In Montenegro, the Parliament approved a new Pro-Western government headed by Dusko Markovic, reports Radio Liberty.

Markovic, former head of intelligence of the country and close ally of former Montenegrin leader Milo Djukanovicand his Deputy, the head of the ruling Democratic party of socialists.

Speaking before approval in Parliament, 58-year-old Markovic has promised that his government until the end of 2017 year to complete the process of accession of Montenegro to NATO.

Deputies from the opposition parties, which share a predominantly anti-Western and Pro-Russian or Pro-Serbian approaches did not participate in the session of Parliament.

Djukanovic, who led Montenegro to the posts of President or Prime Minister for 25 years, after the parliamentary elections in mid-October announced the resignation from the post of head of the government.

We will remind that on last 16 October, in Montenegro parliamentary elections won by Pro-European forces.

In November Djukanovic accused the Pro-Russian opposition and its involvement in the script to force regime change in the country and his assassination on election day.

Montenegro adopted a new Pro-Western government 29.11.2016

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