Mont told what students will receive scholarships

From 2017 it is planned that a scholarship will not receive all the students averaged four per session, and those that ranked high in the ranking, compiled by the Universities. This was stated by the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych, said in a statement on the Ministry’s website.

«This brand new rating approach to determining scholarships, to be students. Namely, each institution will develop its own criteria for ranking, which will be approved by the academic Council of the University on a binding agreement with the student government of the University,» — said Grinevich.

The Ministry also envisages that 90% of the place in the ranking will determine academic performance, and 10%, the criteria which will determine the Universities. This will help to determine the most successful students even if the results of the session they all received the same average score.

«Right now the draft budget includes 2,978 billion on social grants and 2 billion UAH on an academic scholarship. Our proposal to transfer 1.7 billion UAH of social scholarships for the academic that will not only fully Fund the increased social grants, but to ensure the payment of increased scholarships for almost half of the students,» — said Grinevich.

50% of students who receive scholarships, it is expected that 43 percent will receive academic scholarships on the rating system, and the social will to 7%.

Thus for higher educational institutions III-IV accreditation level minimum stipend will be at the level of 1100 UAH, which is by 33.4% more than last year. The best students will receive scholarships to 72.9% more than now — 1600grn, i.e. the subsistence level.

In the calculation of the MES has kept current ratio between the minimum academic scholarship of various types of educational institutions and universities III-IV level of accreditation, and for universities of I-II accreditation level and vocational schools to increase the minimum stipend is expected by 33.4%.

Thus the minimum scholarship for University students I-II level of accreditation will be 830 UAH, and for students in vocational — 415 UAH.

At the same time, as reported, by more than 100% increase of the scholarship for the best students for challenging professions, where it is difficult to obtain a high score. In particular we are talking about natural and mathematical pedagogy (teachers of chemistry, physics, biology, etc.) and other mathematical, natural and engineering degrees. For them, scholarship in the universities of III-IV level of accreditation will be 2036 UAH, in universities I-II levels of accreditation — 1536 UAH.

Mon introduced and the algorithm, which will be the transition from the current system of scholarship to a new.

«It’s simple, if the students pass the winter session in December, a scholarship under the new rules they will receive in January 2017, and if the session in January — a new scholarship will be in February, these students will receive in January a scholarship under the old rules,» — said Grinevich.

Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko at the meeting noted that the draft Resolution is conducted very quickly, so the delay in the transition to a new system of scholarships should not be. It is important that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in time for next year’s budget, because without this document, the new rules will take effect.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of education advocates for increased scholarships for students of pedagogical, technical, natural and mathematical specialties.

Mont told what students will receive scholarships 30.11.2016

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