Monetiziruya version grants can earn in April, — KOBOLEV

Monetiziruya version of subsidies can start operating in April 2017. This forecast is the «5 channel» said Chairman of the Board of «Naftogaz» Andrey Kobelev, reports UKRINFORM.

KOBOLEV said, how much tax «Naftogaz» will pay at the end of last year

We are talking about the return of funds that Ukrainian families were able to save on utilities. Now the government develop a mechanism for the calculation of subsidies and further transfers of funds from the special accounts to private Bank accounts of consumers.

«If the consumer has been credited with 100 hryvnia, and he used 80. And in my opinion, and this is confirmed by international practice, the remainder is 20 UAH should be allocated to that customer — as a bonus for the fact that he used less energy, it will save. Consumers, and here we do the analysis, or companies Teplokommunenergo just stopped to reduce the consumption of gas when the temperature increases. This is a very threatening tendency, indicating that reduced incentives to save and incentives should be returned,» — said the head of «Naftogaz».

KOBOLEV earlier said that the monetization of subsidies, which receives the population of Ukraine from the state to cover the costs of housing and communal services will allow to start a market for gas for the population, with the result that consumers will be able to choose a gas supplier.

We will note, the Ministry of social policy does not see in the short term the possibility of transfer of funding subsidies for the population in cash, since it does not create the necessary conditions, said the Director of the Department of public social assistance Minsotspolitiki Vitaly muzichenko.

«The Ministry of social policy does not see in the short term monetization opportunities of all subsidies. It’s just impossible to do technologically because, even if the projected situation when you need to access 7 million personal accounts for payment of the grant – it can take six months to a year at least,» — said muzichenko.

KOBOLEV said, how much tax «Naftogaz» will pay at the end of last year

«Naftogaz of Ukraine» on results of activity in 2016 will pay to the state budget about 60 billion UAH of taxes.

«Our strategic plan is to «Naftogaz» never received support from the budget, but rather paid to the budget the amount of taxes that have to pay large oil and gas company. This year, for example, 60 billion UAH», — said Andriy KOBOLEV.

According to him, «Naftogaz» and, after separation of the gas business in a separate structure plans to be a profitable company, without receiving subsidies from the state budget, as it was in recent years.

«Due to the fact that from April 2017 should be unregulated, that is, «Naftogaz» will work in a fully open market, we expect that we will be able to earn a profit, which may not be as big as the income from gas transit, but he still (NAC) to be a profitable business,» — said KOBOLEV.

As reported, the NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» in January-September, 2016 net profit of 109 times (25 billion 287,114 million) to 25 billion 520,784 million.

Monetiziruya version grants can earn in April, — KOBOLEV 05.01.2017

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