Monet sold at auction for a record of 81.4 million dollars

The painting by French impressionist Claude Monet’s «Haystack» of 1891 was sold at auction by Christie’s for $ 81,4 million — a record price for pictures of this artist, according to the website of the auction.

This painting, the most striking of a series of Monet paintings of this subject, after 14 minutes of trading in new York went into a private collection. The final cost of the lot at $ 1 million exceeded the previous record price of paintings by the artist, which was set in 2008 at Christie’s auction in London. Before the auction the painting was estimated at $ 45 million.

Another record was set when the sale of the painting by Vasily Kandinsky «Rigid-flexible», 1935. The work, which is considered the most important of the auctioned paintings by the so-called «Paris period» of the artist, was sold for 23.3 million dollars. This canvas Solomon Guggenheim bought the Kandinsky, but after a few years sold to a private collection, where it remained until the auction.

At the auction also exhibited the works of Chaim Soutine, Paul cézanne, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Fernand Leger, Henri Matisse and other famous artists.

In total, Christie’s was rescued 246,3 million dollars, having sold 39 of 48 lots and having received 88% of the potential value. However, a buyer found a few interesting paintings, including landscape works by Paul Cezanne (10 million dollars) and written by Pablo Picasso portrait of Dora Maar (est — $ 9 million). Since the «Haystack» Monet had the lion’s share of the proceeds, critics jokingly called the auction Christie’s «hay fever».

Monet sold at auction for a record of 81.4 million dollars 17.11.2016

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