Mogherini: Europe ready again to become the largest partner of Iran

Europe is ready to actively develop and strengthen its relations with Iran.

This was stated at the Munich security conference on Friday, high representative of the European Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini, reports the correspondent of UKRINFORM.

«Europe has always been a great partner of Iran and we are ready to come back to this status, Europe feels the willingness to invest in all aspects of our bilateral relations», — said Mogherini.

She said that Brussels is preparing a political high-level dialogue, which will cover many areas – the economy, energy, education, culture, human exchanges, and more. Personally Mogherini with a large delegation of EU commissioners will head to Iran this spring to discuss different aspects of bilateral interaction.

The establishment of relations between the two sides, is convinced the head of European diplomacy, can open new perspectives in the regional dimension, to create the conditions to create a «different atmosphere», but only if the other regional actors will pick it up.

In the medium term, says Mogherini, all of the regional players, the countries of the Persian Gulf, will benefit from cooperation and non-confrontation and competition.

As reported, world leaders agreed to cancel strict sanctions against Iran in exchange for Tehran’s compliance with its obligations to limit the development of nuclear weapons.

The European Union said that Iran is not removed all sanctions, but only economic and financial constraints associated with its nuclear program.

Mogherini: Europe ready again to become the largest partner of Iran 13.02.2016

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